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8 Must-Try Restaurants in Jim Thorpe

8 Must-Try Restaurants in Jim Thorpe 1

The Stone Row Pub & Eatery

Located in the heart of Jim Thorpe, The Stone Row Pub & Eatery is a cozy, family-friendly restaurant that serves delicious pub fare. The interior features exposed brick walls and wooden floors, giving the place a warm and rustic feel. Their menu includes appetizers like loaded waffle fries, entrees like grilled salmon and pan-seared pork chops, and a selection of sandwiches and burgers. Be sure to try their famous Stone Row Burger, made with a juicy scoop of bacon jam and melted cheddar cheese.

Through the Looking Glass

If you’re in the mood for some upscale dining, Through the Looking Glass is the perfect choice. This fine dining establishment is located in a Victorian mansion and features impressive decor, including stained glass windows and intricate woodwork. Their menu consists of locally sourced ingredients and dishes that are expertly crafted by their talented chefs. Their wine list is extensive and includes selections from all around the world. Be sure to try their crab-stuffed shrimp and their filet mignon, served with a truffle mashed potato.

Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse

If you’re a fan of prime steak, Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse is the perfect spot. Their menu includes a selection of steak cuts and prime rib, as well as seafood options like salmon and crab cakes. They also have a bar with over 100 different types of beer, including local craft brews. The restaurant is located in a building that was once a bank, giving it a unique atmosphere. Don’t forget to save room for dessert and try their apple crisp or chocolate mousse.

Louie’s Prime Steakhouse

As the name suggests, Louie’s Prime Steakhouse is all about the steaks. Their menu boasts a variety of cuts, from filet mignon to porterhouse, and each steak is cooked to perfection. They also have a selection of seafood options, including shrimp sticktail and lobster tails. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a special night out on the town. Their wine list is also impressive, with a variety of selections from around the world to pair with your meal.

8 Must-Try Restaurants in Jim Thorpe 2

Bear Appetit Cafe

If you’re looking for a quick and casual dining experience, Bear Appetit Cafe is a great choice. They specialize in sandwiches and salads made with fresh ingredients. Their menu also includes breakfast items like omelets and waffles. The cafe is located in a charming building that used to be a schoolhouse, giving it a unique vibe. Don’t forget to try their homemade baked goods, like their blueberry muffins or chocolate chip cookies.

Macaluso’s Italian Restaurant

For a taste of authentic Italian cuisine, Macaluso’s Italian Restaurant is a must-visit. Their menu includes classic dishes like spaghetti carbonara, chicken marsala, and eggplant parmigiana. They also have a selection of seafood options, like shrimp scampi and lobster ravioli. The interior is cozy and welcoming, with exposed brick walls and wooden tables. Be sure to save room for their homemade tiramisu, a crowd favorite.

Piggy’s Restaurant

For some classic American fare, Piggy’s Restaurant is a great choice. Their menu includes breakfast items like pancakes and omelets, as well as sandwiches and burgers for lunch and dinner. They also have a separate vegan menu for those with dietary restrictions. The servers are friendly and welcoming, making you feel like a part of the family. Be sure to order their famous Piggy’s burger, served with bacon and onion rings on top.

Café Arielle

For a cozy, quaint dining experience, head to Café Arielle. This family-owned restaurant serves up breakfast and lunch items with a homemade touch. Their menu includes items like eggs benedict, avocado toast, and a variety of paninis. They also have a selection of coffee, tea, and smoothies to choose from. The interior is charming and decorated with vintage knick-knacks. Don’t forget to try their homemade chocolate chip banana bread, a fan favorite. Dive into the subject matter using this recommended external content. Jim Thorpe airbnb

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